Over the Knee Boots Cheap

Over the Knee Boots Cheap

over the knee boots

Over the Knee Boots

 Cheap over the knee boots have been a popular choice with women and their men for a long time. Seen as glamorous and sexy they are the must have fashion statement. Coming in a stunning range of styles and designs from stiletto to platform over the knee boots, they also come in a bewildering array of prices. Whilst celebrities such as Kate Moss will revel in designer Jimmy Chou’s at over $300, us mere mortals need to try and cope with cheap over the knee boots instead

However, with careful shopping and an eye for good quality we can easily secure a pair of these wonderful over the knee boots for well under $100. Now that’s a great price for a great style. Just remember they will be up to a third of your outfit so they had better fit well. Getting the right size for your calves is just as vital as the right size of cheap over the knee boots for your feet.

Buying Over The Knee Boots Cheap

So what is the choice of cheap over the knee boots we can look at trying this year? Well the first tip is look at the whole range of a particular maker as they may do more budget styles. Chinese Laundry over the knee boots come in a great range. Take the over the knee suede boots with their 22″ shaft, the Chinese Laundry Women’s Tripin Boot. Suede material and snaps around the knee material mean a lovely and comfortable fit. The suede is very soft and flexible, so adds no real bulk to you leg even when bending at the knee. They sound great. They are and you should be able to find a pair of these cheap over the knee boots easily for around $55 to $90, depending where you shop. Shop online and you are going to be aiming at the bottom end of the price range.

Look at todays selection of over the knee boots cheap

If you are looking for something under $50, then there are still lots of stylish cheap over the knee boots in this range. Be aware though, where cheap over the knee boots are concerned, you are likely to have man made materials in this range rather than the real thing. A good example of this is the Wild Rose Women’s Furge02 Boot made by Make Me Chic. Very smooth simple lines in a man made suede leather finish. A cool retro design, 28.5 inch shaft and the right amount of give for easy fitting. This is what cheap over the knee boots are all about. With them online at around $32, you can afford to treat yourself this year and wear over the knee boots proudly

Other great buys of cheap Over The Knee boots include the quality Not Wanted range, in particular their Not Rated Women’s Starlet Boot. A 22″ slouched shaft of faux suede leather set off by the wrap around straps and side cut outs. They are comfortable and very good value. You should be able to secure these cheap over the knee boots for your collection for under $50

You can see now how wide the range of over the knee boots are and how easy it is to get a pair of over the knee boots cheap and still have quality and style. So now you can afford to legs your legs do the talking this year.

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